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My Story

Life can bring hardships and challenges, especially in relationships.
Born and raised in Toronto, as a daughter of immigrant parents I am familiar with the unique challenges that are common amongst first generation Canadians.  I've learned that I was impacted by emotional pain I experienced growing up, and I discovered that the patterns I learned as a child with my parents followed me into my romantic relationships.  I knew I struggled between my identity as a Chinese - Canadian woman in the dating world, while trying to please my parents at the same time. I often felt caught between their expectations and simultaneously misunderstood by my partner.  Navigating the challenges of familial and cultural expectations, and having a partner with a different cultural landscape, I felt like my partner and I were worlds apart.


Being in an interracial relationship I've discovered that communication, and addressing my unique needs were common sources of conflict with my partner.  It was evident to me that my partner struggled to relate and understand my values.  Through my own journey in couples therapy, I found I was able to express clearly my needs and take emotional risks. Over time my partner was able to understand the importance of my needs and learned ways to help me feel safe. 
If these experiences are familiar to you, I want you to know that it's not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you.  These patterns are learned behaviours, but with therapy there is hope! 

In our sessions together,  I will work with you and your partner to gain a better understanding of the ideal life you both wish to live, which includes your needs and wants in a relationship.  We can begin to navigate this path together by strengthening your bond with your partner while learning about yourself and each other. 
Let's start putting the pieces together to create a picture of a secure and connected relationship for the future!

Education & Qualifications 

Designation: Registered Psychotherapist (#10918) 

Core Skills in Emotionally Focused Therapy (In progress) 

Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy 

Dr. Gabor Mate: Healing Trauma & Addiction - Masterclass

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Beginners 

Post Graduate Certification, Addictions: Treatment & Prevention 

MA. (MACP), Counselling Psychology 

BA (Honours) Sociology, Criminology 

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