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Individual & Couples Counselling 

Are you struggling to connect emotionally with your partner? 

You may feel like your world's apart from each other. These feelings can be magnified for those in relationships, where you are constantly negotiating your own identity, in addition to your identity as a couple, amongst the other challenges and responsibilities in your life. 

As someone who idenfies as BIPOC, I have lived experience in navigating these worlds. I can help you begin to  put the peices of the puzzle that each of youbrings to the relationship together to create a beautiuful picture of your future as a couple


Hi! I 'm Michelle 

I am so glad you're here! 

Life brings hardships and challenges, especially in relationships. 

Born and raised in Toronto, as a daughter of immigrant parents,  I am familiar with the unique challenges that are common amongst first generation Canadians.  

As a therapist I specialize in interracial, intercultural couples counselling and work with people of colour in individual counselling.


Couples & Marriage 

 Feeling stuck in your relationship or marriage? Couples therapy can help you navigate the problems that you can't seem to resolve together 

Individual Counselling

 Anxiety, stress and depression are some common results of the pressures and circumstances that life presents us with. Individual  talk therapy can support you with these concerns


Book a free consultation call or send me a message

Looking forward in speaking with you soon! 

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