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Couple in Love

Couples Therapy 

Are you in a committed relationship? you might be here because you're feeling ...

Constantly attacked and alone in your relationship

Stressed, anxious and having difficulty or trouble trusting your partner.

Confused about your partner's needs or wants 

like your partner doesn't trust you 

Resentful that you sacrificed some of your needs to meet theirs and finding yourself stuck, impacting your ability to connect

This can be exhausting and you may feel trapped in a negative cycle of interaction. You just want to feel connected, safe, and secure again, But are lost as to how to do it. 

I'm here to help!

Chatter on the Couch
Chatter on the Couch

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy? 

EFT was co-founded and discovered by Canadian Psychologist, Dr. Sue Johnson, in the 1980s. EFT is an empirically studied model with evidence!  In EFT, 70-75% of couples move from conflict and tension to love and connection, and approximately 90% show significant improvements in their relationships over time. 

EFT is a theory an attachment-based which demonstrates our survival needs create a biological imperative for connection and bonding to another person. EFT helps couples discovers new patterns of conversations that creates safety and bonding instead of feeling stuck in conflict. It provides us with a map to help couples interrupt the negative cycle and step out of the unhealthy patterns in their relationship that causes disconnection and distress. In session, EFT therapists will help you learn how to be vulnerable, access your deep emotions, and express your core needs in a healthy way where growth, understanding, and trust can be developed. 

 Ready to begin? Connect for a free 15 min consultation

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